History of ECAT

Earthmoving Contractors Association of Texas began in May of 1958 with a few contractors meeting at Holt Tractor Company in San Antonio under the new name of Conservation Contractors Association of Texas, to address the problems of the day. In June of 1977, the association voted to join the national organization Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) as the Texas Chapter. LICA only addressed problems on a national level, so in January 1993 the group was reorganized as ECAT.

ECAT is comprised of 12 districts, each having a director. Officers comprising of a president, vice president and secretary are elected each June along with district directors. Associate members also elect a director to represent them at meetings. Each director and officer is employed as a contractor, pays dues, and volunteers time to attend four directors’ meetings per year at their own expense. ECAT has no full time employees. A two-day general membership meeting is held each June. This meeting addresses safety, educational topics, legislation, soil and water conservation, new equipment, and other topics related to our industry and association.

Past accomplishments of ECAT include a sales tax exemption on equipment and parts for machinery used in conservation work on farms and ranches. ECAT was also instrumental in establishing Soil Conservation license plates for contractors and was able to have legislation passed to stop County Commissioners from doing work on private land.