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Update: 05-18-17


  • Minutes Second Quarter Board of Directors Meeting - April 26, 2017
  • ECAT Next Board of Directors Meeting & Legislative Meeting-?April 26&27, 2017, Wed. & Thur., Austin

  • ECAT Winter Board Meeting in Review

  • ECAT Moving Office & Change in Contact Infomation

  • Executive Secretary Letter

  • 2017 Scholarship Program

  • Bob Turner's Legislative Update Reports

  • Safety Corner - Driving in Snow & Ice


  • Educational Safety Awareness

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  • Pictures of ECAT activities.

Minutes Second Quarter Board of Directors Meeting - April 26, 2017

ECAT Board of Directors met April 26, 2017 in Austin at the Wyndham Garden Inn.

Meeting was called to order at 4:30 by President John Frerich. John welcomed two ECAT members to the meeting. They were contractor member Wade Marley and his wife Ari and associate member Dale Gibson with Texas Refinery ????? , Joe Morris, who works with Bob Turner and Carl Englerth.

Roll call of directors were as follows: Members present were, President John Frerich, Vice-President Joe Ed Jehnschke, Secretary Trooper Irving, Clint Cornell, Marty Caston, Eddie Leatherwood, JD Godby, Galen Weber, Dave Sund Associate Director and Charles Frerich Exec.Sec. Not present were: Bobby Watts, Ed Smith, Tommy Watson, Clint Krause,Edwin Eckhardt, John Puckett, Dennis Foerster and Chad Ottmers.

There were no new items added to the agenda.

Minutes of the previous meeting was reviewed and there being no additions or corrections to the minutes, Galen Weber moved and Trooper Irving seconded to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

Financial report was given by Charles Frerich. Charles presented to the board two additional financial spread sheets. The first was a Budget Income and Expense sheet which will keep track of budgeted income and expenses and a percentage of the budget accumulated or spent through the year. The second spreadsheet was a projected end of year balance.

The membership report showed twenty-five contractor renewals and six associate renewals. There were five new contractor members, James Bauer Farms, Weslaco, Conatser Site Services TX,LP Fort Worth, E.F. Ehrig and Sons LTD, Gonzales TX, HD Rock Solid Inc. Argyle, TX, Welch Excavation and Utility Co. Winona, TX. Member terminations include Area Excavation and Utility Contractors, Mansfield, G&M Ag Services LLC Robinson, TX and Ryon Krause Ranch Services, Canyon, TX. Motion to approve the financial report was made by Eddie Leatherwood, with a second by Trooper Irving. Motion carried.

Report of the Audit Committee was made by Vice-President Joe Ed Jenschke. Committee met at 3:30 pm. Committee of Joe Ed, JD Godby and also Eddie Leatherwood who was asked to set in due to the absence of John Puckett and Clint Cornell excused due to the cancellation of his airline flights was putting him into Austin at 6:00pm. There were no discrepancies found and recommended a clean audit be approved. Galen Weber moved and seconded by Marty Caston. Motion carried.

Old Business:

A letter releasing Carl of financial responsibilities and liabilities with ECAT was presented. Motion to accept the letter as presented and signed by the officers John Frerich, Joe ED Jenschke and Trooper Irving was made by Eddie Leatherwood and seconded by Marty Caston. Motion carried.

Charles reported the secretary transition was very smooth and Carl was a great help.

Bob Turner was being held up at the Capitol so Joe Morris who works with Bob and was attending the meeting gave the legislative update and gave the itinerary for the Capitol visit.

Dave Sund gave the BITCO insurance update. BITCO has calculated the dividend for the 7/1/15 -3/30/16 plan year. The amount of the dividend is $203,287 or 3.6%. A second calculation will be made in six months. A plan year runs from 7/1 to 6/30 of the following year.

No report on the Land Stewardship Workshop as no date or place has been confirmed.

Charles gave a report on the 2017 annual meeting. Most details have been ironed out and asked for another idea for a Saturday session.

New Business:

JD Godby gave the scholarship report. There were eight applications. One new and seven re-applications. All scholarships were very good. JD proposed to the board to award all eight applicants scholarships. JD made that into a motion and with Marty Caston seconding the motion. Motion carried.

Charles asked for ideas for the 2018 meeting sites. These sites will be presented at the 2017 annual meeting in San Antonio. Recommendations were Lubbock, Abilene, South Padre and a location in East Texas.

The Capitol visit for the following day was discussed.

Board went into executive session. Carl was asked to excuse himself so board could discuss a retirement gift. Board came back into session. Eddie moved and Galen second to spend around $500 for Cynthia and Carl. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn was made by Galen Weber and with a second by Marty Caston. Motion carried.

Board convened at Threadgill?s Restaurant for dinner.

Spring Board of Directors Meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on April 26th and 27th in Austin, TX. The meeting will be held on Wednesday at 4:30 pm at the Wyndham Garden Inn located at 3401 South IH 35. After the meeting we will travel to a near-by restaurant for dinner and then back to the Wyndham Garden Inn for the networking session. Thursday morning we will board vans to take us to the State Capitol. Bob Turner has set up meetings with committee people who will visit with us about items concerning Earthmoving Contractors. It is very important to attend and have a good showing to these committee people as they are the eyes and ears of our legislators. I would encourage members to possibly visit the office of your representative just to let them know you were here and encourage them to consider items affecting our industry.

Officers, directors, and anyone interested in attending the meeting is asked to let Charles Frerich, Executive Secretary, 325.340.8370,or email to 1ecat.tx@gmail.com, to?let Charles know that you will be attending and will need a room reservation as soon as possible or by April 1, 2017. A block of rooms have been reserved for ECAT members. Hotel contact information is Wyndham Garden Inn at 512.448.2444 or 512.443.4208.

All ECAT members are welcome to attend Board of Directors Meeting!


Review of 4th Quarter Winter ECAT Board of Directors Meeting

ECAT BOD QUARTERLEY MEETING DATE: FEBRUARY 4, 2017 LOCATION: Marble Falls, TX Minutes ECAT Board of Directors met on February 4, 2017, in Marble Falls at 3:30 pm in the meeting room of the Holiday Inn Express in Marble Falls. Meeting was called to order by President John Frerich.

Roll Call of officers was called and those present were: John Frerich, President, Joe Ed Jenschke, Vice-President, Trooper Irving, Secretary, Clint Cornell, Marty Caston, Eddie Leatherwood, Bobby Watts, Ed Smith, J D Godby, Galen Weber, Tommy Watson, Clint Krause, Edwin Eckhardt, John Puckett, Dennis Foerster, Carl Englerth and Charles Frerich. Not present were Chad Ottmers and Dave Sund.

There were no items added to agenda.

Minutes of the previous meeting were presented. There were no corrections to the minutes. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Ed Smith with second by Galen Weber. Motion carried.

Carl Englerth gave the financial report for the 4th quarter and for the cumulative year to date ending December 31, 2016.

There was twenty contractor members paid dues and two new members, James Bauer Farms from Weslaco, Texas and Conatser Site Services Texas of Fort Worth with partners Jerry Conatser, Brock Huggins, and Ryan Pollard. Nine associate members paid dues and a new associate member, Texas Refinery Corp, Dale Gibson from Flower Mound. One delinquent member William Brown of Megargel. There were three terminations: Landon McCelvey Land Service, Loehr Dozer, Leimer Brothers Inc. and associate members Hampel Oil Distributors and Heavy Equipment Rental of Texas. Paid up membership is 170. Motion to approve the financial report was made by Galen Weber and a second by Bobby Watts. Motion carried.

Bob Turner gave his legislative report on the initial start of the Texas Legislature and thing we should keep track of during this session. Bob said he was looking forward to having the ECAT member meeting with the legislative and staff personnel following the next ECAT Board Meeting.

Eddie Leatherwood brought to the attention of the board discussion of the permits for overweight/oversize and the mileage fees. It seems changes in rules pertaining to permits seem to be according to interpretation by the department and not deemed law by the legislation.

Charles Frerich reported that Toyota Mfg. tour scheduled for the annual meeting has been canceled due to regular summer shutdown that occurs each year at this time. Charles has been in contact with a company called Precision Systems International. This company develops systems that keeps air pressure regulated in truck tires. Board agreed to visit this company for annual meeting tour.

The scholarship committee for the 2017 year will remain the same and there was no changes recommended for the scholarship application. Motion was made to set aside $5000 for scholarships by Marty Caston and second by J D Godby. Motion carried.

Under new business discussion was held on the twenty foot sea container used for storage out at the Krause ranch. Lawrence Krause offered to buy the container for $2500 which is what ECAT paid for it. Charles checked on prices at San Angelo for a sea container and the cost of moving the one from Krause?s. Cost of moving will be around $1,000 and a unit in excellent condition for $2,750. Ed Smith moved and second by Edwin Eckhardt to sell the unit to Lawrence Krause and authorize the purchase of the new unit. Motion carried

There were several items to discuss about the change of executive secretary position. First item was the vote to change the position of executive secretary from Carl Englerth to Charles Frerich. Motion to accept the change was made by Galen Weber and seconded by Bobby Watts. Motion carried.

A letter to release Carl from any legal responsibilities and liabilities following a review of all financial record at the Spring Board meeting was read. Motion to provide the letter of release was made by Galen Weber and second by Marty Caston.

A letter from President John Frerich authorizing the change at PayPal from Carl to Charles. PayPal had to have this letter before a change could be made. No action was needed.

Documents adding Charles to the bank signature card for writing checks was signed by Charles and the previous officers. Carl will remained on the card till April to end the tax year cycle and the audit committee review.

Limits on single signature for checks will remain at $3,000 and over this amount two signatures will be required. Motion to accept the financial procedures was made by Ed Smith and second by Marty Caston. Motion carried.

Salary and position change for Charles Frerich. Eddie Leatherwood move to change Frerich's position from assistant executive secretary to executive secretary with a salary of $2,500/month beginning January 2017. Also authorizing the salary of $650 to be paid for the last quarterly since his salary is paid in arears. This was seconded by Galen Weber. Motion carried with John Frerich abstaining.

Carl's salary will remain the same through to April meeting.

Carl asked Charles to check on ECAT jackets for directors who do not have one. The Treadmill in Ballinger can get the jackets that were ordered years earlier. There were several options on other styles presented but the board along with the two directors in need of the jackets decided to stay with the current style. There was a price break for ordering four jackets verses two so it was decided to order four and have one spare with JD Godby in need of a jacket also. Board also decided to order new shirts and have them for the April meeting when we go to the Capitol. John Puckett moved with a second by Tommy Watson to make the purchases. Motion carried.

Next Board meeting will be held April 26 & 27 in Austin. Board will meet on the 26th and go to the Capitol on the 27th for their meeting with legislators and staff.

Meeting was adjourned with a dinner enjoyed by all at the River City Grill?with a?"networking" session afterwards back at the meeting place.

ECAT Office Change in Address and Contact Info!

Please make note of the following address change for ECAT affective January 31st, 2017. ECAT New Address and Contact person is as follows:

Earthmoving Contractors Association of Texas, Inc.

P. O. Box 36

Rowena, TX 76875

Phone No. 325-340-8370

ECAT email: 1ecat.tx@gmail.com

Contact Person & Executive Secretary : Charles Frerich

All ECAT business should be addressed to the above Contact Person and the new address. We are in the process of moving the ECAT office from the present address as of January 31st, 2017. I am retiring soon and the person taking my place is as shown above and it has been a pleasure working with you'll?and wish you'll?the best in the years to come.
Thank You,
Carl F. Englerth
Past Executive Secretary _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dear ECAT Members, Board of Directors, and Officers,

It has been a great privilege and experience for my wife and I to have served as your executive secretary for the past 16 years and we are looking forward to retiring once again with a great deal of reservations. It has come with extreme thought, council with our little family and friends, and prayers as we begin to give thanks for the opportunity to have been associated with so many. It has been an experience we shall long remember and cherish.

Several years ago when we first started out on this opportunity, an old friend and earthmoving contractor that I had worked with in previous years called upon me to come to work for the Association because they were in need of some one to take care of the Association business as it was at that time and found out that I had just retired and was recovering from some health issues. Looking back on it, now, I believe he just could not stand to see me retire before he did. As my wife and I put our thoughts and prayers into making that decision to honor our friends request, we did so with great reservation and knowing that it would just be part time--that is. Well, as time past and we begin to be more involved with the every day business of the Association and making new friends and families and business associates, the Association business went from part time to almost full time. As we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting, working, and associating with so many, we sudden realized that we are getting to the point that we?re not getting any younger and we had not done many of the things we had set out to do on our bucket list besides what our little family had in mind for us to do. So I hope everyone can understand that it has been a grand opportunity for us and it is time for this old man to retire once again - not to work but to play.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with and for all of you in the association and just want to say we think of you all as our extended family. I truly believe with the help of so many in the association, we have made some good progress over the years and believe ECAT has a great future a head of them as long as you remain focused.

In the next few months we are going to be in the process of transferring everything over to my assistant, Charles Frerich from Rowena. After all this is one reason why we brought Charles on three years ago. So we ask for your patients and cooperation as we go about this transfer as we have more to do than when I first started. So keep an eye out for changes in the ECAT mailing address, phone numbers, and email. Our web site will continue as is presently so for those of you with computers can look to our web site for up to date information.

So, it has been a great for us to have been a part of the Association and we will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and wish the best for all of you.

Sincerely Yours,
Carl & Cynthia Englerth


The ECAT Scholarship Program for 2017 will be announced in January. Please see our home page for further details and watch for the announcement of the ECAT Scholarship for 2017or contact Charles Frerich at email 1ecat.tx@gmail.com?to? call 1-325-340-8370.?

Applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2017 and include the following:

  • Completed application
  • Copy of most recent or year-end transcript
  • One to three letters of recommendation from non-family source
  • Personal narrative (750 words or fewer)

Submit Applications to:

P. O BOX 36
ROWENA, TX 76875
email to: ecatscholarship@yahoo.com

LEGIE UPDATE - February 21, 2017?
BRACE YOURSELF!? Action and activity is about to reach the faster pace. That is the pace some of us enjoy the very most. The real challenge of legislating and governing is about to commence. The business of building coalitions and support groups now becomes one of the prime missions of legislators especially those who are serving their first session.
House Speaker Joe Straus has now named committee members and chairpersons for this legislative session. The legislative machine will now begin moving forward?- at a very fast pace. A few surprises?- but?- that has always been part of the business of the opening of every new session.
Rep John Zerwas was named to chair the all-important House Appropriations Committee. Many with whom I had visited saw Rep Drew Darby as a strong contender for that position. However?- Rep Darby was renamed chair of the House Committee on Energy Resources. This is probably one of the most important chairmanships for those of us who are in the oil and gas producing areas of the state. Rep Joe Pickett - who had long chaired the House Transportation Committee?- was reassigned to chair the Committee on Environmental Regulation. The Speaker simply flipped positions with Chairman Geanie Morrison?- moving her from Chair of Environmental Regulation?- to now becoming Chair of House Transportation.
Of special interest to many of us - was who was to chair House Agriculture Committee and who was to chair House Natural Resources. Rep Tracy King remained as chair of House Agriculture (AND this is great). Rep Lyle Larson was named the new chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. SO?- now we get deeply involved in proposed water legislation. Many things of utmost importance will be on the slate for consideration by the House Natural Resource Committee. The never ending effort on the part of some to eliminate local county wide Ground Water Districts and consolidate them to cover an entire aquifer etc. Also how we deal with the issue of brackish water. Should these waters come under different rules and guide lines? This will definitely be under review. Should ground water remain under the purview of locally elected Groundwater District boards?- or?- should it be controlled at a state level by state agency employees? Does ground water?- once it is pumped?- and subsequently released into a stream?- become surface water?- or?- does it still retain its identity as ground water? One area of consideration here of course?- is how well will the House Natural Resource Committee and the Senate Agriculture?- Water and Rural Affairs agree on a final product?- this session. Due to our size and extreme variation in climatic conditions?- water availability?- needs and usage varies widely across Texas. This makes the issue of water management more diverse and difficult than many previously realized. A situation that the legislature is ever aware of.
Some of us who represent agriculture and agricultural associations wondered if the Speaker might have consolidated the Agriculture Committee and Natural Resource Committee. This consolidation was previously implemented in the Senate?- when they created their new Senate Agriculture?- Water and Rural Affairs Committee. Most are pleased that the Speaker has not pursued this route.
As of Saturday?- February 18th?- there had been 3,773 bills filed - - 2601 in the House - - - 1172 over in the Senate. Deadline for filing new bills is March 10th. There are filing deadline exceptions for legislative bills which are local in nature?- or?- are declared emergency bills in nature. An interesting note is that each piece of legislation (each bill) is written by the individual legislator - - - then drafted for filing by the Legislative Council. The legislative council is basically a pool of attorneys and clerks?- who prepare the bills for filing. The attorneys at Legislative Council must consider the following: - 1- is the proposed legislation already in statute?- and therefore unneeded?- 2- they must insure that the legislation will be inserted in the proper place and sequence in the state statutes and - 3 - that proper "legal-ease" is followed in the printed bill. This is just to name a few of the pre-filing requirements. One thing of special interest to the individual legislator?- is that after the bill is prepared - - does it still accomplish what the author intended? This sounds complex, doesn't it? Well -- to be honest, it is a complicated?- but necessary system.
Keep in mind that after the legislator actually gets all the above done?- and files the bill?- there are lots of hoops left which must be jumped through. Each bill must be heard in committee?- where it can either be forwarded to the full House or Senate - - OR NOT. MANY bills never are passed out of committee (some are never even heard). All these hoops?- and prerequisites serve a valuable element in helping insure that LOTS OF BAD LEGISLATION NEVER ACTUALLY BECOMES LAW. Our forefathers knew what they were doing?- years ago?- when they created our state legislative process. It would probably boggle your mind if you were to read all the bills?- and their content?- that are filed each session. Most of you would probably say "Thank you Lord for UNPASSED legislation".
Of major concern is the EVER PRESENT issue of the state's desire and continuing effort to micro-manage local entities. Keep in mind that these entities are managed by locally elected boards?- to whom we have entrusted this power. I assure you that these locally elected boards know the needs and desires of any given entity FAR better than someone in Austin OR Washington DC. This will continue to present a challenge - - probably as long as you and I live. This applies to all levels of local government. Federal and State government continues to legislate and hand down mandated requirements - all of which cost money. Meantime state legislators are proposing unrealistic local level tax caps. These local taxes are the only source of revenue with which to accomplish these mandated and required activities.
This is a very stressful time for your Representative?- and Senator. Don't get out of sorts and critical if instead of visiting the legislator?- you find it necessary to visit with their staff. And?- remember?- always treat these staff people in the manner in which you would want to be treated?- were you in their position. Keep in mind that these staff members are truly the eyes and ears for the elected legislator. (Mine certainly were). If you oppose a bill?- or piece of legislation?- be ready and willing to offer a positive idea as to how it might be improved?- or?- a different route taken.


SAFETY CORNER (Provided by Doug Arriaga, Bituminous Risk Control Agent with Bituminous Insurance Company from the San Antonio Regional Office. The Bituminous Insurance company has defensive driving safety talk kits which include 65 safety topics on defensive driving which can be used for future tool box safety meetings. This is just one of them.) After a prolong drought comes some much need rain and with that comes more accident because of slick road so the article below is extremely timely and needs your serious consideration.


Winter driving takes some special preparation. Get your vehicle ready for the season by getting a winter tune-up, adding antifreeze, and switching to winter weight oil. Keep your gas tank over half full during winter months, and carry emergency supplies such as blankets, a shovel, flares, and sand. If you don?t have winter tires, carry snow chains and learn how to use them before you need them.

Before You Start - Before you set out into winter weather, check the weather forecast and be prepared to postpone your trip if a storm is brewing. Clear snow and frost completely off your windows, roof and headlights - you'll need all the visibility you can get. When you set out into stormy weather, let your friends know where you're going and when you expect to arrive. Don't drive if you?re tired or intoxicated.

Skid Control - Your worst problem in snow and ice is poor traction on the road. Follow these tips to protect yourself from skids:

  • Obey speed limits.
  • Stay four seconds or more behind the car in front of you.
  • Slow down at a turn or bend
  • Avoid braking heavily on icy roads, and stay alert so you will have time to begin stopping well in advance.
  • Watch out for icy patches, especially on bridges and shady spots.
  • If you skid, take your foot off the gas and turn in the direction you want the car to go. Don't use the brake during the skid.

Improve Visibility - Boost your visibility by keeping your wipers in good order. Consider using winter wiper for snow. Keep your wiper fluid reservoir full of winterized wiper fluid. If necessary stop to clear snow off your windshield and headlights. Where there is glare from snow, wear sunglasses during the day, and use your low beams at night.

If You Get Stranded - If bad visibility or car trouble forces you off the road, try to park in a high spot well out of traffic. Tie a bandanna to your antenna or use another attention getter to alert motorists of your presence. Turn on your flashing lights. Keep warm by using blankets and keeping your hands and feet close to your body. If you must run the heater, no more than 10 minutes per hour. Though you may be tempted to go for help, it's almost always safer to stay inside the car, unless you know for sure that you can get to help within a few minutes.

The above information came from the BITCO Insurance Company and many other safety topic are found in the Defensive Driving Safety Kits for those who would have a need for one. Note: You may contact a BITCO Insurance Company Office or go online to www.bitco.com to get copies or call the BITCO Insurance Company in San Antonio Regional Office at 888-857-8031. If you are not in the ECAT/BITCO Insurance Safety Program, ask them how you can join and what benefits you have as part of the safety team.


Attention ECAT members. ECAT IS now on Facebook! You will find links to the Website, Scholarship information, safety information, articles and listing of events hosted by ECAT. "You may post to the page but I have to OK the post before it goes public", says Charles Frerich.
Search Facebook for ECAT or Earthmoving Contractors of Texas to find the page. Be sure to -Like- before leaving page. If you need help with the ECAT Facebook please contact Charles Frerich, clfrerich@verizon.net


There are two groups which provide educational safety awareness programs on the rules and regulations on working in the area of underground high pressure pipelines. They are the Texas811 (Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc. -TESS) and The Pipeline Group.
Texas811 (also known as Texas Excavation Safety System, or TESS to many long-time excavators) provides exemplary training and education safety awareness about the 811 Call Before You Dig system. Click here: dpcoftexas.org to be taken directly to the Damage Prevention Councils of Texas page, with links to calendars and special upcoming training events in your part of Texas. The main page of Texas811 is reached here: texas811.org with links for homeowners, excavators, utilities, farm ops and our media page with further information and downloads. For any underground locate in Texas, call 811, or enter through the Texas811 portal found on our web page beneath the Excavator link.
The Pipeline Group travels throughout Texas holding educational safety awareness programs on excavating around utilities. ?For the next program in your area, you may find it by going to their website at www.pipelinegroup.com or email them at rsvp@pipelinegroup.com or you may call toll free 1-877-687-0901. You may register for the program in your area at the same time.
Remember you will need to RSVP at least 8 days prior to the scheduled educational meetings to be included and you can do so at the above websites, email, or toll free numbers. The Groups usually provide a dinner with the program and their speakers are very intertaining. So take advantage of their programs and learn how your safety can depend on it.
For One Call Service: Dial 811 nationwide at least 48 hours before digging in your area and get a one call center for your particular area to make that important call before you dig.


Members and Prospective Members can now select and pay for your membership by using PayPal by clicking on the ABOUT ECAT page or MEMBERSHIP page. If you have difficulty doing so please let us know by using our contact page. Thank you!

Russell Welch
17190 I-20 Frontage Rd
(East), Winona, TX 75792
David & Casie Ehrig
Ernest F. Ehrig Jr.
221 Private Road 2003
Gonzales, Tx 78629
Jack Groom
4629 Priem Lane
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Jerry Conatser
Brock Huggins
Ryan Pollard
P. O. Box 15804
Fort Worth, TX 76119
James & Lois Ann Bauer
915 W. 9th St.
Weslaco, TX 78596
Wade Marley
1590 Barker Rd.
P. O. Box 453
Jacksboro, TX 76458
Chad & Amy Gipson
Dale & Candy Gipson
P. O. Box 191
Junction, TX 76849


Dale Gibson
3620 Valley View Lane
Flower Mound, TX 75022
Charlie Cleveland
3202 Clovis Rd.
Lubbock, TX 79464
Mike Petter
204 Brian Drive
Pleasanton, TX78064
Bill Roden
2650 FM 407, Ste 255N
Bartonville, TX 76226
8409 Sterling Dr.
Denton, TX 76207
We would like to wish the Leimer Brothers, Inc. of Galveston, Texas, best wishes in their recent retirement from the earthmoving business. Michael & Bette Leimer and Lawrence & Jamie Leimer have been members of ECAT for 21 years and hope they enjoy their retirement. We just received a nice letter from Michael Leimer saying how much they have enjoyed all past experiences with ECAT and how much they have enjoyed the newsletter with the variety of information it provides. ECAT sincerely thanks the Leimer's for their membership and wishes them happiness and best wishes in their retirement. We also wish them the best in their retirement.
Members who have maintained their membership with ECAT for more than 20 years may, upon retirement from their business, continue their membership as a retired member for just $25.00 a year. Retired members wishing to do so should contact the ECAT office is they wish to do so. As a retired member, you will continue to receive the newsletter, however, you will not be eligible to vote at a meeting.


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