ECAT Membership

Benefits of ECAT Membership

  • $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance policy free with your paid membership.
    • AD&D Insurance takes effect the date application is processed. Membership must be renewed within 30 days of this date each year to remain in effect.
  • Insurance Program available for members.
    • ECAT presently endorses the BITCO Insurance Safety Group Program and dividend.
  • A voice in the organization and at any meeting.
    • As a member of Earthmoving Contractor's Association of Texas, Inc., you are invited to come to all meetings and take an active part. Your ideas and input are what makes ECAT successful.
  • Austin lobbyist strengthens ECAT's influence in Austin, protecting our industry.
  • Your business is listed on the ECAT web site (
  • Quarterly newsletter with updates, minutes, and articles relating to the industry.

Please Note: With your annual membership, the Earthmoving Contractors Association of Texas provides a $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment policy only for the contractor membership, partner(s) membership, and spouse(s) membership.

ECAT membership is not processed until dues are received by the ECAT office at the address shown below. ECAT office will send annual renewal dues notices to its members prior to your membership anniversary date (the date of membership originally received in the ECAT office).

P. O BOX 36
ROWENA, TX 76875
(325) 340-8370

Membership Application


  1. If you plan to mail your membership application and payment:
    1. Fill out the applicaton form below.
    2. Scroll down to the Payment and Options section and fill out the names for spouse, partner(s), and partner spouse(s) that you wish to include. DO NOT CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTONS!
    3. Click the red PRINT button and send your completed form and payment to the ECAT address shown above.
  2. If you plan to make your payment online:
    1. Scroll down to the Payment and Options section and click the ADD TO CART button next to the membership level (I, II, or III) at which you wish to join. This will transfer you to PayPal and begin your "shopping cart."
      If you wish to add partners and/or spouses, on the PayPal screen click the Continue shopping > link in the upper right hand corner to return to this screen. Otherwise skip to step 2(c) below.
    2. Fill out the names for spouse, partner(s), and partner spouse(s) that you wish to include. Beside each one that you are adding, click the ADD TO CART button. Each click will transfer you to PayPal and add to your "shopping cart."  Continue to click the Continue shopping > link to return to this screen until you have added all of the partners and spouses you plan to include.
    3. When you have added the final member, complete your payment on the PayPal screen by clicking one of the Check Out buttons. You do not need a PayPal account to make your payment.
    4. When you have completed your financial transaction at PayPal, return to this screen and fill out the Membership Application form and click the green SEND button.