Welcome to Earthmoving Contractors Association of Texas (ECAT)

Mission Statement

We are a statewide association striving to improve our industry and our lives.

ECAT is devoted to creating better contractors elevating ethical standards for protecting our customers as well as strengthening ECAT’s influence protecting the industry.

The organization strongly believes that together we can do more than as individuals.

Bulletin Board
Welcome to new directors! Heath Lehmann from Giddings, Tx Paul Daniec from San Antonio, TX Nate Brewer from Spring Creek, TX Next Board of Directors Meeting October 19, 2019 4 p.m. San Angelo, TX If you have questions, call 325-340-8370 or 325-977-8372. Hope to see you there!

Looking for a Contractor?

Top Reasons to choose ECAT Contractor Members

ECAT Contractors:

  • work directly with general contractor and/or landowner
  • do most of the work themselves to minimize the use of subcontractors
  • specialize in time-sensitive projects
  • contractor owned equipment
  • ability to visualize end project results